7 safety tips for VR gaming

Playing video games on a VR headset is going to be so fun. However, there are also some dangers that are involved with virtual reality gaming. This is because you will be wearing the VR headset that will obscure your vision, and you will also be using headphones along with your VR headset as well. So it is important that you try to follow some critical safety rules if you do not want to run into any trouble while using a virtual reality gaming headset. And to do that, you can follow these safety tips for virtual reality gaming.


  1. Use in moderation – Limit your use of the virtual reality headset. Most manufacturers will warn that you should not play VR games for more than several hours straight. You should take breaks and try to take off your VR headset every so often.


  1. Avoid moving around too abruptly – Try to limit the movements of your limbs if you want to play VR games. You are going to be wearing a headset that will obscure your vision. And you will not be able to see anything. And if you move too fast or hard, you may accidentally knock into something that you cannot see.


  1. Have someone in the room with you – Ideally, you should also have a companion in the room with you, while you are playing around in virtual reality. This is because you will not be able to see or hear anything that is happening inside of the room if you have got a VR headset on.


  1. Be aware of what is in the room – You should also be familiar with the size and contents of the room that you are playing in. This can help you to avoid accidentally knocking over things or bumping into them when you are playing in virtual reality.


  1. Use the right settings for your VR headset – Make sure to adjust the VR headset’s settings to fit your preferences. This will mean checking the volume and brightness settings of your device, in order to ensure that it is not too loud or bright.

  1. There is an age limit for certain VR games – In general, only children 13 years and above should be using VR headsets unsupervised. These headsets are built for adult-sized heads, so this will mean that only more mature children could actually fit into using a VR headset.


  1. Have fun – Most of all, you should have fun whenever you are playing video games using a VR headset. And you will be able to have more fun with these safety tips in mind.


These are just some safety tips that you must be aware of if you want to play video games using a VR headset. You will be able to not only have more fun but also do it in a safe manner if you follow these safety guidelines. There are a lot of VR games that you can play, and all of these safety tips will be applicable for any of those games.

The Equipment You Need for a Successful Virtual Reality Experience

The Equipment You Need for a Successful Virtual Reality Experience


The past few years have really seen a takeoff in technology in both the functional tech industry and the entertainment tech industry. We have watches that can read our heart rates and headsets that can be played without any wireless connection. We even have devices you can fit on doors, unlocking your home to a rhythmic knock, or from the touch of an icon on the screen of your smartphone.

The entertainment industry, in particular, has seen an explosive growth in advanced technology. Computers only seem to be getting quicker and more advanced, while every year the world of gaming seems to advance in ways that we thought were impossible. One such way is through the integration of Virtual Reality (VR) into the world of gaming.

A lot of people have been exposed to VR, without fully realizing it. One of the earliest examples is that of IMAX movies, movies that were designed to be watched with 3-D glasses to give the audience a more engaging and captivating feeling. VR has evolved immensely since then and has progressed the entertainment industry to the world of gaming.


Run Down of VR Headsets

VR gaming


Often referred to as head-mounted displays (HMDs), VR Headsets come primarily in two forms – one of which operates from an external device, and one which operates through the integration of a smaller device into the headset itself, such as a smartphone. Examples of the first type of VR headset include devices such as the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive. Examples of the second type of this device are the Samsung Gear VR and the Google Daydream headset. For the sake of this article, we’re only going to discuss the first form.

Using a lens inserted between the goggle and eyepiece, a VR headset expands the field of users’ views and utilizes expanded fields of view plus angle manipulation. Certain measures have to be taken to ensure that the user of the VR headset doesn’t make the user nauseous, something that could happen if the images stutter or become distorted.

Through a range of fascinating technology such as motion tracking, head tracking, and eventually eye tracking, VR headsets help make gaming and other forms of entertainment quite fascinating. Let’s take a look at all the pieces that go into creating a VR experience.


How to Create Your Very Own VR Gaming Setup


Let’s take a look at every component you need for the best VR setup when you’re gaming. From computers to the headset itself, every component plays an important part in total gaming immersion!
(Note: The Steam VR and the HTC Vive are synomous)

Gaming PC – We’ll get the tough-to-read details out of the way first before we get to the easy stuff regarding VR setup. While it can be easy to get away with mid-tier computer performance when it comes to normal gaming such as this gaming PC under 500, the lowest a computer can be run with a VR headset is exceedingly higher than that of a normal computer. For starters, you’ll need the following pieces of tech to fit in your rig: Windows 7, more than 8GBs RAM, a NVIDIA GTX 1070 or AMD equivalent, and an Intel i5 or better processor. You will more than likely want to spend closer to $1,000, and that’s not including the monitor, which is even more specific to VR gaming.

Monitor – This is another bit of information that might be hard to swallow. You’ll need a monitor that exceeds 1920p by 1080p resolution – the displays for the Oculus Rift and the Steam VR require monitors with at least 1080x1200p performance. We also have to mention the required refresh rate of 90Hz, compared to a monitor’s typical 60Hz refresh rate. You’ll need some sophisticated visuals to get the most out of a VR headset designed for computer gaming.

Spacing – The space requirements are different for the Oculus Rift and the Steam VR, two incredibly popular gaming headsets. You can get by with playing with the Oculus Rift in a small space such as your bedroom. The SteamVR, on the other hand, requires much more space for smooth operation. A basement would be ideal. If you don’t have one of those, a spacious living room might suffice.

Setup Requirements for the HTC Vive SteamVR Headset – One of the necessary items for VR to work is the setup of sensors, which usually come with the headset. For the HTC Vive, the sensors should be placed as high as possible, in the room you plan on playing in. Both of the sensors need to be placed on the opposite corners of the room you plan on playing in, for optimal effectiveness. The room should be as large as possible if you plan on using the HTC Vive; Steam wants its users to walk around as opposed to staying in one place while gaming.

Setup Requirements for the Oculus Rift – This headset is slightly different its Steam counterpart, albeit operating the same type of way. The Oculus Rift comes with two sensors, both of which need to be mounted on a desk or table, so the Rift can have the sensors in its line of sight while you’re playing it. A key difference between the Rift and the Vibe is that the Rift is meant to be played sitting down, or at least the games that have been designed for it so far are designed to be played while sitting.

A Chair for Your Rift, an Ergonomic Mat for Your Vive – Both sitting and standing can be incredibly taxing on the human body. For the Rift, make sure you have a chair that is comfortable but has limited mobility. You don’t want to accidentally roll out of sight of the sensor, without realizing it!

When it comes to the Vive, you’ll want a cushioned floor mat designed for long periods of standing. The cushioning will prevent your feet and knees from aching after hours of play.

Additional Sensors – You might want to consider purchasing additional sensors for your VR headset if you wish to playin a larger space. While this isn’t absolutely necessary for the Vive, it’s a must-do for the Rift, which is limited with its movement tracking.

Controllers – A prerequisite for VR headsets is to have the necessary handsets. The design of these handsets differs slightly from one another, with respect to the Vive and the Rift. The handsets are necessities, not additions. While other headsets such as the Google Daydream and the Samsung Gear VR don’t require them, you need to ensure that you have the appropriate controllers for the Rif and the Vive, to play them correctly.

The Appropriate Games – Unfortunately, you can’t just play any game and expect it to be an immersive, VR game. You need specific games, designed for the platform or VR headset that you’re using. Unfortunately, there isn’t much wiggle room when it comes to the games designed for VR headsets.

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An Expensive, but Worthwhile Gaming Adventure

The total VR experience is costly, and you might have to spend your whole budget to get everything you need for total immersion. It’s worth it, however – this new generation of gaming will certainly wrap its arms around the current world of gaming soon enough. Why not be at the forefront of innovation? Besides, the only thing that may change in the near future with respect to both the Rift and the Vive is the type of handsets that come with each VR headset. The rift, in particular, is launching a series of new, touch-immersion handsets that should be dropping soon!

The Rift and Vive are the two dominant VR headsets in the world of virtual reality gaming. Both aim to give the user an immersive gaming feel that can make the player feel as if they’re actually in the game. While the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive are slightly different with respect to several features, they operate in the same manner and mostly require the same equipment to operate successfully. The most important part of the VR experience seems to be the PC operating system, which may cause doubts in the minds of people who want to involve themselves in the world of VR gaming, due to its sophisticated requirements. These requirements may decrease, however, as technology evolves and new computers arrive on the market.

Apart from the computer, you’ll need space, sensors, the appropriate chair or mat, and an adequate set of controllers. Once you have all this, you’ll be set to start your VR adventure with either the Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive! The only question left is: Which game should you buy first?

4 reasons why you need to buy a VR headset

Gaming has progressed a lot over the years. Graphics have become more realistic. And with the latest games looking so real and awesome, it is no wonder that virtual reality gaming has been developed. This kind of video gaming experience is the latest that you can try out. If you love playing video games, then you should definitely get a VR headset to play VR games on. There are actually a lot of compelling reasons why you should choose to do this. Virtual reality gaming promises a lot of enjoyment for anyone that purchase a VR headset that they can use at home.


  1. Full Immersion

Using a VR headset and playing video games on one, you will finally be able to fully immerse yourself in the fictional worlds that you love playing. The immersion that you experience while playing VR games will be incomparable. Even the video games that you have played on ultra-high graphical settings on a large television screen will not compare to the immersion of a VR headset. Playing on one will make you feel like you can actually touch and feel the virtual world that you are playing in.

  1. New Experience

Virtual gaming is the newest gaming experience that you can try out. If you love trying out the latest and greatest, then you should get a VR headset. You will get to experience any of the latest and newest developments in the medium of gaming. And virtual reality is not just a medium for video games it is also a medium for storytelling as well. You would be able to experience new stories and worlds that had never been experienced by people before. And you would be surprised at how awesome the new experience of virtual reality is.


  1. Heightened feeling

Ever want to feel more scared playing a horror game? Or perhaps you want to feel more attached to your video game companions? In virtual reality gaming, you will get to experience that heightened feeling for your video games. This is because everything will feel and seem more real. Thus it would seem like the experience that you have in a virtual world will feel like they are happening to you personally. And you will not have to be afraid of getting bored or unimpressed by the world of virtual reality. The fact that you can feel like you can interact with the world directly makes you feel more involved.


  1. New titles all the time

Video games are being produced for virtual game platforms all of the time. Technology for virtual gaming is just getting more and more powerful. And pretty soon there are going to be VR games for everyone that wants to play them. If you doubt that there is currently a VR video game title that would suit your tastes, then you will only need to wait for a short while. Pretty soon, there will probably be a video game released for virtual reality, then will be more than enjoyable for you to play.

Learn about exactly what equipment is needed for VR gaming here.

5 of the most hotly anticipated VR games

With virtual reality gaming just having been developed a lot of new games are beginning to pop up. And there is much to look forward to this year when it comes to the world of virtual reality gaming. Fans of VR games have got a lot of games that they cannot wait to play. And if you are such a fan, you should also be aware of these upcoming VR game titles as well. You are sure to love these following games as they are going to be released sometime in the year 2017. Here are some VR games to watch out for.

Bridge Crew

In this video game, you will be in charge of controlling the bridge of a Star Trek spaceship! If you have always loved science fiction and the Star Trek franchise, you will also love this new game addition to the series. You will get to see and touch the controls of your favorite Star Trek spaceship. Playing this virtual reality game is probably the closest experience that you will have to be able to actually control your own spaceship. This will mean that you could fly around in space in your own home if you have got this virtual reality game.

Fallout VR

Explore the radioactive wasteland in virtual reality! By playing Fallout VR you will get to feel like you are actually in an apocalyptic wasteland. The addition of the element of virtual reality to Fallout means that the game will feel even more real. You get to battle the elements, raiders and radioactive monsters all in full immersion. If you love playing the Fallout series of games then you will also love playing this one as well. Virtual reality just makes the game of Fallout so much more enjoyable. And this Fallout video game is something to look forward to this year.

ARK Park

Do you love dinosaurs and puzzles? If you do then you are sure to love this new VR game that is going to be released for the Oculus and PlayStation VR. In this video game, you get to explore a park full of dinosaurs, all in immersive virtual reality. And while you are exploring the park and trying to go through it, you are also tasked with solving many simple and entertaining puzzles as well. You get to see predatory dinosaurs and massive sauropods. And the graphics of this game makes those virtual reality sights something really awesome to see and experience.


This survival horror VR game is going to be released on multiple platforms. And from the many different trailers that have been released for Syren, it sure promises to be a scary experience. Fans of horror games are not going to be disappointed with how unnerving this game will become. Virtual reality means that it is more likely that you will get scared as you play this VR game. The story of the game is that you are part of a scientific crew that is trying to revive a bunch of dead mermaids. And your work has caused horrific problems in a deep sea facility.

Robo Recall

Robots get featured a lot in pop culture and video games in general. However, you will probably not have experienced them in virtual reality before. And that is one reason why Robo Recall played using a VR headset could be so fun! Household robots have suddenly gone berserk and it is up to you to stop and repair them. This game promises a lot of action-packed scenarios as you battle it out against metal machines that have gone out of control. The great graphics coupled with the strong storyline makes this VR game something to look forward to in 2017.